Guidelines to use the PARIHARA : -
1. Introduction :

    Parihara software module is web based application used to capture the details of farmer land details, crops, Aaadhar details and his Bank details for the purpose of input subsidy.

Application URL:
Users :

    Operator ( Nadakacheri / Grampanchayath)
    Village Accountant (VA)

2. Salient features:

    • Facility to capture land details by connecting to bhoomi and fetch the RTC and owner details from bhoomi

    • Facility to capture crop details like crop name, sown area, area of loss

    • Facility to capture Aaadhar data by using QR bar code reader or by entering the details

3. Data Entry by Operator :

Once Operator logon to application, he will get below options.

    • New – This option to be used for entering a new entry.

    • View – This option is used to view the selected request and can Edit or delete the request.

    • Search based on request ID – All the entries (request) generated by the operator will be shown in his login. If any changes needs to be done for a particular record then searching would be possible through this option and then edit the entry.

   • All : To get the list of all requests

    • Approval pending : To get the list of requests which are pending for VA approval

    • VA approved: To get the list of requests which are approved by VA

    • Partial completed: To get the list of partial data entered requests.

Operator can start Data entry by clicking on New tab as shown in fig 1

Fig 1

3.1 Land details entry :

    When he clicked on New tab, then below screen will appear as shown in fig 2. All the data entry can be done in one screen. Now Land details data entry has to be carried out by Fetching the details from Bhoomi.

Fig 2

Select the Hobli,Village Circle will connect to bhoomi and fetches the hissa numbers. Select portion) and relevant Hissa number as shown in fig 3 eg: if survey number is 13/*/1, 13 is survey number, number

Fig 3

    Select the owner in the owners tab as shown in Fig 4, then automatically father name will copied

Fig 4

    There is a checkbox pertains to the name in VA report and name in the RTC are of same person, by default this check box gets selected . then same will be copied as farmer details and allow to enter gender, mobile number and small marginal farmer (SMF) or not as shown in Fig 5

Fig 5

    If check box is deselected ( name not matches with VA report), then it is required to select the reason as shown in Fig 6 and need to enter the farmer name , father name, Gender, mobile number and small marginal farmer (SMF) or not

Fig 6

3.2 Aadhaar details entry:

    • The aadhaar details can be entered in two ways (1) Normal data entry (2) using bar code readers and capturing the data though the QR code printed on the aadhaar card hard copy.

    • In case of data entry the operator has to do the data entry of Aadhaar number, and Name as per the Aadhaar card.

    • Name matches check box will be selected by default

Fig 7

3.3 Bank details entry:

    • Type the IFSC code then bank details such as District, Taluk, bank and branch will be copied automatically or If IFSC code is not known click on Toggle button then it allow to select the bank details such as District, Taluk, bank and branch & IFSC code will get automatically.

    • The operator need to type the Account number and name of the Account holder.

    • Name matches with VA report or not check box has to select or deselect

Fig 8

Fig 9

3.4 Crop details Entry:

    Crop details can be entered as shown in below fig 10 by selecting the crop name and type of crop. There is a facility to enter the crop sown extent, extent area crop loss. Crop sown extent and area of loss should not be more than owner extent

Fig 10

After filling all fields click on Add crop details button to add the crops as shown in Fig 11. Likewise we can add more number of crops.

Fig 11

Once Data entry of Land details, Aadhaar, Bank details and crop details are completed click on Save button to save all the details and to generate request Id. Now Data entry work is completed.
New : This button is used to do new data entry.
Edit : This button is used to change the contents of desired request. First need to select the View option to open the request then Edit button to be used to change the contents.
Copy: If same owner has multiple survey numbers then this button is used to copy the contents i.e Hobli, village, owner details, Aadhaar details and Bank detail to create next new record so that data entry will be fast. Only required to enter the survey number only
Delete: This button is used to delete the existing record if it is not at all required. First need to select the View option to open the request then Delete button to be used to delete the record.

4. Generation of Checklist:
After the completion of data entry , if required operator can generate the checklist village wise by clicking on Checklist button which is available in Home as shown below. Once checklist has generated , edit cannot be done, correction can be done only when VA send back to operator for correction.

Click on Checklist then below screen will appear, here select the hobli and village and click on Get checklist data
Now click on Generate Checklist button to get the checklist in excel sheet

5. Verification & approval of Village Accountant :
After the completion of data entry, all the records will moved to Village Accountant login for approval. He can verify the request and approve the same by selecting the request and click on the check box. He can able to approve one or more requests at a time by clicking on Bulk approve button after the selection of requests.

Click in Select option to view the details of the request. There are 2 button.
• Use approve button to approve the request.
• Use Send for correction button to send the request back to operator for correction then same request will be available in operator and he can change the details by using Edit option